A.P. Møller City Walk

A.P. Møller City Walk will guide you through the streets of Copenhagen following in the footsteps of A.P. Møller!

The full A.P. Møller City Walk has 36 different tasks with a connection to The A.P. Moller Foundation or The A.P. Moller Group. At some locations your team can find and interact with either two tasks. The first task will tell you more about the specific location, and the second task will challenge your knowledge.

Choose between 3 routes: 3 km, 8 km or 12 km. Click start, provide your details and you will receive further information by email.

Choose a route below and start and finish the A.P. Møller City Walk in front of Esplanaden 19

3 km This route will show you the highlights of the A.P. Møller City Walk.

8 km This route will take you through most of the walk and includes the highlights.

12 km This is the full A.P. Møller City Walk.

We wish you a great walk in the footsteps of A.P. Møller!

Best regards, A.P. Moller Holding

A.P. Møller City Walk 3 km

A.P. Møller City Walk 8 km

A.P. Møller City Walk 12 km